mission and vision



The mission of the University of Primorska, Faculty of Education is education and further training of pre-school and school teachers as well as of other educational professionals for the demanding jobs in pre-school and in school as well as in other institutions, i.e. everywhere where teaching, learning, educating takes place. The Faculty assures acquisition and further development of abilities, skills and competences vital for one’s effectiveness and autonomy, applying the most up-to-date methods - both those that are established in the world as well as those that are the result of our own insight into educational work based on analysis of practice, research and development, and creative work in the fields of pedagogy and adult education. 


The University of Primorska, Faculty of Education will not be great for the number of students enrolled, but for the way its graduates in all the three study cycles are qualified.  The qualification will be based on developing good human relations on all levels of work and including all the participants in the process of performing educational, research and creative work. Permanent learning for facing new challenges posed by new technologies and societal change, will represent the foundation of our activities. Belonging to the institution and interaction will be important components of our efficiency and effectiveness in training pre-school and school teachers and other educational professionals, in our advisory work to the benefit of individuals and various institutions and in exploring the current issues of modern learning, teaching and education.  

The wording of the Mission and Vision Statement of the UP PEF was adopted at the second regular session of the Senate of the UP PEF on 7 December 2007 and its additions and amendments approved at the fifth regular session of the Senate of the UP PEF on 7 March 2008.


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