organization of faculty


  • Dean,
         Vice Deans,
         Dean's Council (composed of the Dean, Vice Deans, Assistant Dean
    and Faculty Secreatary), 
  • Senate,
  • Academic Assembley,
  • Administrative Council, and 
  • Student Council.

UP PEF has the following commissions – standing working bodies of the Senate:  

  • Commission for election to titles,
  • Commission for study affairs,
  • Commission for students' affairs,
  • Commission for scientific and research work, and
  • Commission for promotion and monitoring of quality of educational, research and artistic work. 

UP PEF also has other standing commissions:

  • Disciplinary commission and
  • Commission for publishing and printing. 

In addition to the standing commissions above temporary commissions can also be appointed by the bodies.


Departments of the UP PEF are: 

  • Department of Educational Sciences,
  • Department of Pre-school Education, and 
  • Department of Primary School Education. 

Chairs can be established at the Faculty. Currently no chair has been established.

The Institute of Educational Sciences is active at the Faculty.

Offices of Secretariat of UP PEF are:

  • Office for Financial and Accountancy Affairs,
  • Office for General Affairs,
  • Office for Legal Affairs and Personnel,
  • Office for Scientific and Research Work and International Cooperation,
  • Office for Student Affairs,
  • Office for Study Affairs, and
  • Library (Joint higher education library of the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management and University of Primorska, Faculty of Education).


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