organization of faculty


  • Dean,
         Vice Deans,
         Dean's Council (composed of the Dean, Vice Deans, Assistant Dean
    and Faculty Secreatary), 
  • Senate,
  • Academic Assembley,
  • Administrative Council, and 
  • Student Council.

UP PEF has the following commissions – standing working bodies of the Senate:  

  • Commission for election to titles,
  • Commission for study affairs,
  • Commission for students' affairs,
  • Commission for scientific and research work, and
  • Commission for promotion and monitoring of quality of educational, research and artistic work. 

UP PEF also has other standing commissions:

  • Disciplinary commission and
  • Commission for publishing and printing. 

In addition to the standing commissions above temporary commissions can also be appointed by the bodies.


Departments of the UP PEF are: 

  • Department of Educational Sciences,
  • Department of Pre-school Education, and 
  • Department of Primary School Education. 

Chairs can be established at the Faculty. Currently no chair has been established.

The Institute of Educational Sciences is active at the Faculty.


  • Center for Art and Design UP PEF
  • A Lifelong Learning Center UP PEF

Offices of Secretariat of UP PEF are:

  • Faculty Secretary,
  • Office for Financial and Accountancy Affairs,
  • Office for General Affairs,
  • Office for Legal Affairs and Personnel,
  • Office for Scientific and Research Work and International Cooperation,
  • Office for Student Affairs,
  • Office for Study Affairs,
  • Office for Market Activities and Promotion, 
  • Library (Joint higher education library of the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management and University of Primorska, Faculty of Education).
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