Konferenca Izobraževanje nadarjenih 2019

datum: 19.02.2019

kategorija: Obvestila za zaposlene

Vabljeni na IV. MIB mednarodno znastveno konferenco "Talent Education 2019 - Everybody counts", ki bo potekala od 24. do 26. Oktober 2019 v Portorožu. Organizator konferrence je MIB - International Education Center and ITEI - International Talent Education Institute.

We are inviting you to join us as an active participant and present your paper. The main topic of the conference is practically oriented: how can we transfer theoretical starting points in practice, how practice dictates development of science, practical strategies, working with gifted and talented children, adolescents and young adults. Entire conference will be oriented to didactic and counseling strategies. The conference will offer a range of opportunities to further development of existing links and to establish new connections and networks that will lead to a greater understanding of Talent Education.
The conference offers presenters the opportunity to submit research results and/or experiences from practice in two different proposal formats: papers and workshops.

• Papers: 20 minutes each including discussion. Individual papers will be grouped into larger sessions by theme.
• Workshops: “learning by doing” sessions will be scheduled for 20 minutes following the common structure: introduction, main activity, and reflective discussion.
Main themes and topics:
• Inclusion in education of gifted and talented;
• Preparing programs for gifted and talented children/pupils/students; (planning and the realisation of curriculum, alternative programs etc. );
• Planning IEPs and their implementation;
• Didactic and teaching strategies (internal didactic differentiation and individualization of class, personalization of class, metacognitive skills, contemporary didactic approaches etc. );
• Teaching strategies for double exceptional/unsuccessful at learning but gifted children/pupils/students;
• Advisory and consulting strategies;
• Professional development of educators and teachers;
• Working with parents of gifted and talented;
• Cooperation with local community to support development of talents.

Distinguished specialists from foreign countries and Slovenia will share their experiences and knowledge with us.

Detailed guidelines on the submission process and abstract and paper format are available on Call for Abstracts page.

After the conference we'll together with University of Primorska also publish selected articles in Scientific Monography. If you are interested in going that extra mile, please send us mail on info@talenteducation.si or write your interest in Comment field in Abstract Submission Form.
You can also take a look at our library of Book of Abtracts/Papers and Monograpy from our previous conferences in our Library.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in the beautiful city of Portorož and to provide a forum where we will be able to share and discuss common issues within an international community of researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

Mag. Maruška Željeznov Seničar, MIB d.o.o.
Co-Chair of the Conference Programme Committee

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