Mednarodni teden Univerze v Gentu

datum: 05.03.2019

kategorija: Obvestila za zaposlene

Univerza v Gentu vabi na mednarodni teden, ki bo potekal od 3. do 7. junija 2019.


By supporting the wellbeing and involvement of every child or youngster, by facilitating the participation of parents in every facet of the organisation, by creating an organisational culture that stimulates professional growth, by working together in local or international networks … we create quality in services for children and youth. This will be the holy grail we will be looking for in our 7th international week of early education. You are warmly invited to join us!

We rely on your expertise and enthusiasm to build the programme together. We invite you to give an inspiring workshop of ca 2hours for ca 30 (international) students and lecturers. Please mail your suggestion for workshops to before the 28th of February 2019. Please include a title and a short introduction to the content (ca 5 lines). We will then finalise the programme and send it back to you in the beginning of April, together with all the practical details concerning registration.

In the networking sessions, you will get the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from our Research and Development centers:
• Quest: eliciting and supporting an inquisitive attitude in children and youngsters
• FamilyEmpowerment: striving towards an inclusive society
• TACOO: developing knowledge and products on staff and organisation development, entrepreneurship and cooperation between organisations

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