Mednarodna konferenca: Od ušesa do ušesa

datum: 19.01.2021

kategorija: Obvestila za zaposlene

Adam Mickiewicz Univerza v Poznanu (Oddelek za slovansko filologijo in Oddelek za južnoslovanske jezike) vabi na mednarodna znanstveno konferenco Od ušesa do ušesa, ki bo potekala od 3. do 4. junija 2021 v Poznanu na Poljskem.

Rok za prijavo: 15. marec 2021 (


Hearing is usually considered a second subsystem (after sight) in the hierarchical system of senses although its development precedes the development of other senses. Therefore, after a successful meeting with the topic of sight, we are pleased to announce the next conference in the cycle dedicated to sensations and perception, which will discuss hearing this time.

In a complex system of perceiving, deciphering, and analysing stimuli, sight is associated with cognition, and hearing with communication, the key elements of which are the speaker and the listener. However, its key place in survival, i.e. its important role in warning about danger, should not be neglected. Since it is superfluous to talk about the importance and interchangeability of hearing in all aspects of human life, we suggest to the conference participants some of the thematic areas, which can be further expanded and problematized in different ways within the discipline they deal with:

    auditory perception in language, literature, culture and media
    speaking, listening, communication
    conceptualization and profiling of the term ‘to hear’ in the linguistic picture of the world
    synesthetic connection of sensations.

The conference will be held online; working languages are all Slavic languages and English.

The application deadline is March 15, 2021. Please send the application form to:

The registration fee is 200 PLN or 45 EUR (for participants from abroad) and covers the costs of conference materials and publication of the monograph. All participants will be notified by April 1, 2021, of their acceptance of the topic and inclusion in the conference program.
You can pay the registration fee until April 30, 2021. Participants will be notified in a timely manner regarding payment details.

Organizational committee:
Prof. dr hab. Mariola Walczak-Mikołajczakowa, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Ana Samardžić, conference secretary
Mgr Stanislava Kostić
Mgr Ninoslav Radaković, conference secretary

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