Vabilo k izpolnitvi ankete: Questionnaires on Learning Outcomes/competence approach

datum: 06.10.2014

kategorija: Obvestila za študente

Pedagoška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani vabi k sodelovanju v mednarodni raziskavi, ki jo vodi Univerza v Groeningenu. Gre za sodelovanje v spletni anketi s področja kompetenc in učnih rezultatov ter o t.i. Tuning metodologiji pri oblikovanju študijskih programov. Anketa je namenjena tako predavateljem kot študentom. Rezultati ankete, ki bodo zajele Evropske in nekatere države v ZDA, bodo uporabni tudi za naše okolje. 

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Research Project

Erasmus+ states, inter alia that higher education should use “….. student-centred pedagogical approaches …… based on learning outcomes ….” as well as “….. support learners in the acquisition of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes)….”. This is a consequence of the Bologna Process. What is the state of implementation from the perspective of the main stakeholders in the process including academic staff, students, student counsellors and management?

These approaches are not new across the breadth of higher education, let alone in specific contexts, but how embedded are they (learning outcomes and competences) in our working processes, methodologies of learning, teaching and assessment and attitudes? This research project is jointly funded by the European Commission and Lumina Foundation (USA) and is, using a mixed methodology, surveying individuals holding a variety of roles in higher education. The surveys are being executed in both Europe and the United States to see how these processes are being applied, implemented and experienced in the different contexts.

The questionnaire is on-line and uses skip logic to minimise the irritation of being asked questions that are not relevant to the respondent’s circumstances. The data collected will be aggregated and no respondent will be identified or identifiable.

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