study programmes

University of Primorska, Faculty of Education (UP PEF) performs first, second and third cycle study programmes in the framework of which future teachers and other professionals in the field of education are educated.

At UP PEF students are trained for theoretical and practical work in schools and in other institutions typically involved in working with people. During studies the graduates of all study programmes acquire pedagogical and other kinds of knowledge, therefore they are able to find employment in a number of areas outside education.

The study process is based on up-to date approaches to teaching: lectures are supported by multimedia; students are active participants in the education process. Theoretical knowledge is upgraded and exchanged in seminars and through exercises, the modern design of the applied part of the studies makes transfer of theoretical knowledge into practice possible.

The programmes have been assigned credit points according to the ECTS, they follow the Bologna guidelines and are comparable to study programmes elsewhere in Europe. Also taken account of have been the changes resulting from the curricular reform of the education system in Slovenia.

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